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      Sitting at a kitchen table or in the front row of an amphitheater many people would have trouble telling you which place they'd rather experience The Connors Brothers live. This band was founded by three brothers and then smartly added a talented drummer and violinist/female vocalist to round out the group. To experience their patriotism you need look no further than their album entitled Maple Flavoured which includes original songs about travelling Canada, hockey, and rum running as well as rousing renditions of The Log Driver's Waltz and The Maple Leaf Forever. Influences and style of music are quite far reaching including Folk, Irish, East Coast, Blues, Rock, Funk, and Roots music.

Conner Boden

// drums, percussion


Laying down a steady groove is a forté of this drummer but when needed, he slides in on the mandolin to fill out the  sound.

David Connors

// vocals, bass


The low end is a focus of this musician, whether he is playing electric bass, upright bass or singing bass, laying it down and holding it together is where he`s at.

John Connors

//vocals, guitar, piano


This multi-instrumentalist is a musician with a great sense of the big picture and an ability to paint harmonic sound scapes. 

Joe Connors

// vocals, banjo, guitar


Of the kilted regiment, his musicianship and ability to entertain will never cease to amaze and captivate the audience.


Mel Harrigan

// vocals, fiddle, guitar

Her love of Celtic music comes through and adds a flare of traditional Irish fiddle to every song. 
Her fiddling ability will have you toe tapping and dancing in no time.

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